About Paterson Fern Nursery

About Paterson Fern Nursery

We are a wholesale nursery so our customers are other commercial entities: retail nurseries, landscapers, florists.

If you are interested in receiving an availability list, please contact our nursery – 02 4938 5119.

Ferns are an ancient family of plants. Early fern fossils predate the beginning of the Mezozoic era 360 million years ago. They are a good reminder of the adaptability of living things as we face major environmental challenges.

At Paterson Fern Nursery we grow our ferns under a canopy, but do not provide artificial heating, so,it maximizes the options of adaption in your customers environment.

To further increase the chance of survival the following is desirable:

  • Moisture in the soil
  • Moisture in the air
  • Suitable nutrients in the soil
  • Sufficient light for photosynthesis
  • Suitable temperature
Paterson Fern Nursery